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Inner Pulse Trainer

The perfect tool to train your inner pulse.

Groove is not given - you can learn it!

Whatever the style, whatever the instrument, music consists of sound events occurring in chronological order on a “network" where pulse and subdivisions are applied. This network is the same for all instruments and styles. The concept of “Timing" is raised, and every musician is required to establish their internal pulse.

The App on the Book

Inner Pulse Trainer for iOS and Android

The “Inner Pulse Trainer-App” is the perfect tool to strengthen your sense of time.

Compatible to IPad, IPhone and IPod touch, IPhone OS 7.1.1 oder higher. And Android, of course!


About the Inner Pulse Trainer App

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About the Book Your Inner Pulse Trainer

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Inner Pulse Trainer

The Book on the App


The Book “Your Inner Pulse Trainer” contains a systematic method to build a really solid timing, and it is tailored to the Inner Pulse trainer App.