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The App on the Book

Inner Pulse Trainer for iOS and Android

With the Inner Pulse Trainer ( IPT) you have the ideal tool with which to train your inner pulse, thereby perfecting your timing and your groove (something EVERY musician needs). You train your feeling for subdivisions, your micro timing, and stabilise your pace.

You have two options to work with the IPT:

Option 1: You use the IPT App while you play, and as though it is something you have in your program anyway, whether the technique is scales, rhythms etc., etc...: the IPT App resembles your rehearsals into timing sessions.

Option 2: In addition, you order the book for The Inner Pulse Trainer Program too. This book provides a systematic method that is exclusively tailored to the IPT App. It allows you to mutate into a Groove Monster - no matter which instrument you play.

Here is a more detailed description of the app.


Main View
Select click
Subdivisions clicks
subdivisions clicks (two bars)
subdivisions clicks (four Bars)
clicks displaced
clicks displaced (one bar, binary)
clicks displaced (one bar, ternary)
clicks with gaps (one bar)
clicks with gaps (two bars)
clicks with gaps (four bars)
standard clicks